Alternative Treatment For HIV Infection

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Title: Alternative Treatment for HIV Infection
Authors: Dr. Magnolia Goh  and Dr. Tang Zhaoliang
Publisher: Science Press

	As a person with AIDS, the thing I like most about this book is that it provides an answer 
to the most common question I hear.
	"Now that I have tried all the available western treatments and none of them are 
helping", what do I do next? 
	I am taking medication but I need something that will make me feel better, so what 
alternative choises do I have? 
	I am only HIV positive I have no symptom, but I would like to keep my condition as 
present, what can I do for my immune system?
	The authors and contributors are all specialists on HIV and research to find alternative 
means of treating this disease without the use of highly toxic medicines.
	Dr. Magnolia Goh, who was trained in China as a Medical Doctor and who is a New York 
State Licensed Acupuncturist, has worked extensively , treating people with AIDS using 
acupuncture and herbs. Working as a volunteer she has amassed an incredible amount of day to 
day hands on experience as well as research.
	 Dr. Tang Zhaoliang, working in China for the Institute of Acupuncture is a primary 
researcher on herbs effectiveness against AIDS.
	This book also provides a great balance of information between western and eastern 
thought on treatment issues that is rare to say the least.
	In fact this material is absolutely brimming with information from not only Medical 
Professionals, but also from people with AIDS who are accomplished lay researchers and very long 
term survivors.
	Besides factual information on Acupuncture, Herbology, Chiropractic and Shiatsu; this 
will give you alternatives on nutrition and western herb treatment , Homeopathy and spiritual 
exercises such as Qigong.
	There is no room for conjecture or wishful thinking in this book, just hard fact based on 
research. The PWA' s  who speak out do so based upon years of surviving against all odds. Not to 
mention an enviable lack of side effects and ongoing health that surprises most people.
	You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand and utilize this material, you just 
have to be serious about taking charge of your health.

Michael Anderson

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