Mutations of Ebola

James J Hurlburt hamlet at
Tue Sep 12 18:05:51 EST 1995

c601591 at (Don Haut) writes:

>In article <155F242976 at>, JOHANN72 at IDA.RUC.DK wrote:

>> What are the chances of Ebola mutating and, as a result of that, 
>> becoming airborne?

>This is a very difficult question because nobody really knows what
>mutations would be required for such a change to occur.  I am not a
>filovirologist but I am a molecular biologist/virologist (parvoviruses)
>and I will go out on a limb and say that the chances for such an event are
>not caculable.  I would imagine that it would reqire more than one
>mutation (although there are cases where a one base mutation leads to a

I hope that I'm not mistaken but wasn't the version of Ebola that broke
in the lab monkeys in the United States airborn? At least in the book
"The Hot Zone" it mentioned that monkeys in different cages and in seprate
rooms were infecting each other. By dumb luck this new version of the virus
wasn't deadly to humans.

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