Testing for HHV-6 (fwd)

Puerto Manzano Fernando pmanzano at TUNKU.UADY.MX
Thu Sep 14 08:15:43 EST 1995

I am very interesting in this virus, please send me information, about 
the HHV-6.


e-mail: pmanzano at tunku.uady.mx
e-mail: fpuertoe at condor.dgsca.unam.mx

Ave. Itzaes No. 490 X 59
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
CP 97000.

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Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 22:45:39
From: Thomas Simms <samoht at megaweb.com>
To: virology at net.bio.net
Subject: Testing for HHV-6

  A couple of curiosity questions:
  1)  Is anyone routinely testing, for diagnostic purposes 
(IgG, IgM, etc.), for HHV-6?
  2)  If so, what methods are you using?
  3)  What is the clinical utility of testing for HHV-6?
  4)  What populations (children, immunosuppressed, etc.) do 
you primarily test?
Thomas E. Simms
Samoht at megaweb.com

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