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Steven_H Harwood harwoods at AVA.BCC.ORST.EDU
Fri Sep 15 13:25:53 EST 1995

On 14 Sep 1995, Shigeru Morikawa wrote:

> Does anyone know any paper describing that the baculovirus 
> does NOT infect other insect or/and mammamlian cells.
> Thank you in advance.
One of the most complete references is the following book chapter:
Specificity and Safety of Baculoviruses.  Groner, A.  in "The Biology of 
Baculoviruses"  (Granados, R.R. and Federici, B.A., eds)  Volume 1  pg. 
178-202  1986  CRC Press  > > 

Reading of this chapter and consultation of the references provided 
should give you a good feel for baculovirus safety issues.

The bottom line is that wt baculoviruses infect only a limited subset of 
arthropods (species dependent) and have low toxicity to mammals, fish, 
birds, reptiles, etc.  Baculoviruses can enter mammalian cells but 
do not replicate.

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