Q: baculovirus

Don Chen chend at ucs.orst.edu
Fri Sep 15 10:50:43 EST 1995

venugopal <@bbsrc.ac.uk> wrote:

>Shigeru Morikawa <morikawa at nih.go.jp> wrote:
>>Does anyone know any paper describing that the baculovirus 
>>does NOT infect other insect or/and mammamlian cells.
>>Thank you in advance.
>Dear Shigeru,
>Read your message.  How are you? The text book on baculovirus expression
>system by Linda A King and Robert D Posse clearly states this. I quote
>"It is important to stress that baculovirus infections have not been 
>reported in humans, mammals, vertebrates or other invertebrate species"

I don't know about the first three groups, but Don Lightner's group
(Arizona)  has isolated a number of shrimp viruses including

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