Mutations of Ebola

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>> I'm sure the Bio. Warfare scientists  have already made an airborne form,
>> and have stockpiles of it,ready to release on our/your enemies when they so 
>> choose.
>Asolutely! I'm sure these same scientists have also cloned the chronic
>fatigue syndrome gene and they're gonna use it to make our enemies too
>tired to fight in case they survive Ebola.

     Biological weapons are a real part of any nation's strategic arsenal and
arsenal of sabotage (covert use or terrorism). For example, Soviet doctrine 
was to use biological weapons after a nuclear attack. The nuclear attack 
would destroy hospitals, doctors, and medicines. Radiation damages the immune
system. It would cause "many unburied corpses" to litter the land, and would 
encourage people to huddle together in crowded fallout shelters. The confines 
of a fallout shelter are an ideal place for an epidemic disease to spread. A
fallout shelter would qualify as what I call a "disease reactor", an optimal
environment for multiple disease organisms to run rampant, exchange genes, and
acquire new resistence to limited (first line) treatments. 

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