Looking for a graduate student?

Tue Sep 19 14:22:12 EST 1995

Hi.  I entered graduate school at UAB last year with the very specific and very
 defined goal of studying retroviruses.  My interest are mainly in the cell bio
logy aspects of retrovirology - especially intracellular transport of viral pro
teins. I came to UAB because it has some great virologists - unfortunately, for
 multifaceted reaons (lack of funding, other students go there first, faculty m
ember I wanted to work under was on sabbatical) I didn't get the chance to do a
ny lab rotations with any of the virologists here, which was a tremendous disap
pointment.  I am temporarily in a cell-biology lab here, but still would really
 like to go to graduate school in virology.  I have completed first-year course
work successfully.  Before coming here I was accepted to 10 outstanding graduat
e programs..unfortunately I made not the best choice.  I have a cell biology de
gree from a big-ten university with high honors (GPA 3.8), extensive background
 in math and science, and four years of lab experience. I am a US citizen, fema
le, 24, and from the east coast.   I would be willing to transfer anywhere in t
he US or anywhere else.  Please contact me through personal e-mail (CBA0064 at uab
dpo.dpo.uab.edu) if you are a PI doing some cutting-edge retrovirus work in sea
rch of a hard-working and extremely dedicated graduate student.  Thanks!!

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