Infant Virus

Erich A. Kikel eakikel at
Tue Sep 19 21:45:36 EST 1995

My 2 month son has been hospitalized for a week with a high fever(103-104) and a 
rash that started at the top of his chest but moved to all his extremeties. The rash 
appeared after 2 days of the fever. The doctors have done a spinal tap to check for 
bacterial menengitis and an assortment of blood and urine tests. They have done 
cultures for any type of bacterial infection and ruled that out. They have also done 
a test for Rubela and ruled that out . Also the rash does not resemble Rubella. 
Also antibiotics were tried for 5 days with no results so they are assuming it 
is something viral.They have another specialist coming in tommorow to look at him. 
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
                                Thank You Erich kikel

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