Collagen beads and tissue culture

Wed Sep 20 07:07:34 EST 1995


Have you thought about using VERO cells attached to beads in a spinner culture.  
You can get a higher cell density/ml of culture.

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>I have a question to any who is concerned.  Actually, I would 
>like to increase the number of vero cells in tissue culture flasks (75 
>cm^2) using collagen beads, but have never done so.... Has anyone used 
>the collagen beads to increase cell concentrations?  If so, how much 
>greater is the yield?  Yes, I could probably order larger flasks but must 
>use what I have.  The purpose is to increase yields of enteric viruses 
>which max at 10^5 viruses/cell.  Any and all insight is welcome.  Thanks.
>Vincent J. Magrini

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