Infant Virus

Steven Specter sspecter at COM1.MED.USF.EDU
Wed Sep 20 06:51:55 EST 1995

There could be several causes for such a rash.  Viral causes include 
fifth disease caused by parvovirus B19 or roseola caused by human 
herpesvirus 6.  There is a good chance this time of year that it could be 
due to a coxsackievirus.  A few other possibilities also exist, including 
an allergic reaction.

Good luck with your child.

On 20 Sep 1995, Erich A. Kikel wrote:

> My 2 month son has been hospitalized for a week with a high fever(103-104) and a 
> rash that started at the top of his chest but moved to all his extremeties. The rash 
> appeared after 2 days of the fever. The doctors have done a spinal tap to check for 
> bacterial menengitis and an assortment of blood and urine tests. They have done 
> cultures for any type of bacterial infection and ruled that out. They have also done 
> a test for Rubela and ruled that out . Also the rash does not resemble Rubella. 
> Also antibiotics were tried for 5 days with no results so they are assuming it 
> is something viral.They have another specialist coming in tommorow to look at him. 
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
>                                 Thank You Erich kikel

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