Subtypes of Hepatitis B virus

Nanthanit Chosungnoe - SCMI - 3536468 g3536468 at
Tue Sep 26 04:09:08 EST 1995

	I am a microbiological graduate student at Mahidol University.Now 
I am doing the thesis" the production and characterization 
of monoclonal antibodies against Hepatitis B surface antigen". After 
getting desirable clones,I have a big problem. For characterization,I do 
not have subtype panel of Hepatitis B surface antigen;only subtype adr and 
adw that I have.I would like to have other subtypes;ayr,ayw.
	Anyone who can advise me about source or suppliers of all the 
subtypes above or available in hand. Please inform me. I am very truly 
need your help.
	Thanks in advance.

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