Tertiary treated sewage

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Yes, this would apply to Crypto.  Although desiccation will kill oocysts.

There have been reports of crypto on salad crops irrigated with reused 

Reused water in Australia is being treated with 5 ppm chlorine to 
inactivate pathogens.  This does not inactivate oocysts but it does make 
them undetectable.  The chlorine removes the antigen recognised by the Abs
used for detection.

A bit of a worry.

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Subject:       Tertiary treated sewage illnesses?
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Tertiary treated sewage illnesses?

What information do you have on illnesses caused by using reclaimed
water(Tertiary treated sewage)?

Golfers on golf courses, children playing on wet grass, swimmers,

I understand some golf courses post iDo not put tees in mouth.i any
information will be appreciated.

What studies show an increased, (even slight) health risk when using
reclaimed water?

Who has had personal experience

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