AIDS: A Holistic Disease

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> Subject:       AIDS: A Holistic Disease

> AIDS:  A Holistic Approach to a Holistic Disease
> By:  William Martinez, Dartmouth College, 2913 Hinman, Hanover NH 03755

> 	AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a compilation of over 30 
> previously known diseases that in the presence of HIV (human 
> immune-deficiency viruses) are now called AIDS. 

So far, OK.

> destruction of T-cells (Brown, 1992).  In recent years, HIV has come 
> under attack by an increasing number of scientists who claim that HIV is 
> not necessary or sufficient to cause AIDS.  Many scientists including 
> Luc Montagnier, co-discover of HIV, have stated the necessity of 
> cofactors for HIV to cause disease (Maddux, 1992; Null, 1995). 

Not TOOOO bad...

> 1994).  The HIV=AIDS=Death disease model is overly simplistic and 
> reductionistic.  It has been a complete failure in terms of treatment 
> and has not saved a single AIDS patient.  It is more likely that AIDS is 
> a multi-factorial and  holistic disease. 

NOW we step in the excreta tauri.

> 	Since AIDS was first identified in the early 1980s,  it has remained 
> prevalent in the same segments of the population:  a subgroup of 
> homosexual men, IV drug users, and hemophiliacs (CDC, 1989; CDC, 1995).   
> Despite predictions to the contrary, AIDS has remained most prevalent in 
> these risk groups and has had a minimal effect on the rest of the 
> population (CDC, 1989; CDC 1995).  

This is alarmingly Amerocentric: it assumes that AIDS is a North 
American disease, and that distribution statistics in the US are 
reflective of worldwide trends.

THIS IS THE RANKEST HORSESHIT: I have just seen an estimate that OVER 
11 MILLION PEOPLE in sub-Saharan Africa are infected with HIV.  VERY 
FEW of them are IV drug users or haemophiliacs; a very low percentage 
will be prostitutes or overt homosexuals.  And probably MORE than 
half of them are WOMEN.  Which makes most of the following article 
almost totally irrlelevant as far as AIDS is concerned for most of 
the rest of the world, especially Africa, Asia and South America.

> 	These promiscuous homosexual men often contract many sexually 
> transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis, 
> parasitic infections, etc (Bernstein, 1993).  These men are infected 
> multiple times and are given stronger and stronger doses on antibiotics 
> to combat their recurring infections. 

Africa has a problem with promiscuous heterosexual men and women; the 
transmission of HIV is also rendered easier in the presence of an 
active STD infection and/or open sores, etc.  Much simpler 

> 	Amyl nitrates, 3poppers^2,  are used almost exclusively by promiscuous 
> homosexual men to facilitate anal intercourse

So of what possible relevance is this to AIDS in general???  Most 
Africans who have died of AIDS have not even HEARD of amyl nitrate, 
let alone of the reasons why people use it.

> 	The diets of these men are usually very unhealthy as well.   This is 
> typically the case with individuals who abuse drugs.  Drug abusers tend 
> to have a diet high in sugar, processed foods, and artificial stimulants 
> such as caffeine and deficiencies in some essential vitamins and 
> minerals.

It Africa it is because most of the poluation lives at or below the 
"bread line": getting just enough food to live.  America, America....

> 	Intravenous drug users (IVDUs) make up the second largest group of AIDS 
> patients (CDC, 1995).  The immune suppression in these individuals is 
> easily explained.  Long term use of psychoactive drugs, such as LSD, 
> heroin, cocaine, etc..., has been known to cause severe immune 
> suppression (Byrant et al., 1992).  

Of course, there is a LOT of IV abuse in the rest of the 
hell!  It is a syndrome of over-civilisation, not of poverty - and 
that is the constituency of HIV.

> 	These two risk groups, homosexual men and IVDUs,  account for about 90% 
> of all AIDS cases in the United States (CDC, 1995). 

And nowhere else where the virus is really a PRBLEM: like in 
Zimbabwe, where 40% of the national army is HIV+, or in Zambia, where 
over 20% or rural mothers attending antenatal clinics are HIV+.

> 	Once the immune system is severely weakened by a combination of 
> factors, viruses especially HHV-6 (Human Herpes Virus-6) can cause 
> further damage sending the patient deeper into immune suppression (Lusso 
> et al, 1995).  HHV-6 is normally kept inactive by the body1s defenses, 
> but when the immune system is severely compromised

Like, by HIV...

 then HHV-6 becomes 
> active and has been shown to kill T cells directly; something HIV has 
> never been shown to do (Berkowitz, 1996; Lusso et al., 1991b).

Really.  Amazing.  I thought that cytotoxic isolates of HIV were a 
matter of record.

> 	Treatment of HIV positive AIDS patients with AZT is illogical 
> considering the extreme toxicity of the drug and the probability that 
> HIV alone cannot cause AIDS (Duesberg, 1992; Lauritsen, 1987).  

And the fact that AZT is still so expensive that it simply is not 
used to any extent outside of rich societies like the USA.

> 	The first step to any holistic approach to AIDS must be to forget the 
> false HIV=AIDS=Death message that is so prevalent in our society.  AIDS 
> and especially HIV are NOT  death sentences.  A patient who begins a 
> holistic program in the early stages of the disease can reasonably 
> consider the possibility of living a long, healthy life (Burton Goldberg 
> Group, 1993a). 

Oh,, all you Africans and Thais infected with HIV, 
throw off your unnecesary emotional baggage, embark on a holistic 
immune system building programme, and LIVE!!  And along the way, get 
enough to eat, ignore the fact that your children are dying of AIDS, 
and realise it's not HIV!!  That message was spread around South 
Africa by Harvey Bialy, who I would cheerfully have hunted down and 
shot had he done it here - totally irresponsible, in a province with 
the highest HIV incidence in South Africa (Natal) to say HIV does not 
cause AIDS, as he did in a public lecture at the University of Durban 
Westville.  Fortunately there are some pretty good AIDS researchers 
around here who shot him down in quick time, and with maximal 

> 		- no 3recreational^2 drugs
> 		- no cigarettes
> 		- no alcohol
> 		- no toxic medical drugs (like AZT)

Funny: this sounds pretty much like a typical rural African diet.  
Strange they die of AIDS at a rate higher than that of American 
urbanites, isn't it?

> 	- Observe good nutrition:
> 	 	- Avoid sugar and caffeine
> 			- Avoid processed foods and saturated fats
> 			- Eat whole foods
> 			- Eat organic whenever possible
> 	- Exercise

Again, all features of rural African life.  See comment above.

If it wasn't for the fact that one must know what sort of horseshit 
is out there in order to combat it, I would ask that this sort of 
crap be expunged from the bionet at source.  However, better to have 
it out in the open in order to hunt it down.

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