BSE versus Creutzveld-Jacobs-syndrome

Nigel Smith ns10005 at
Mon Apr 1 07:33:26 EST 1996

In article <4jn428$2rho at>, bhjelle at wrote:

(after I couldn't find the quoted link)

> Sigh. I'll give you a more direct link to the statements 
> and some references.

Thanks, much better. And thanks for your other references.

> Again, a very easy statement to make and hard to
> refute.

My favourite kind :-)

> There is no DNA or RNA in the prion, so some
> of the most sensitive methods available (PCR, LCR, etc)
> are not available.

So how is the prion detected in infected nervous tissue? And what prevents
that same method of detection from working with "commercial cuts" of beef?

> What is "joint of beef" anyway?

That lump of meat on sale in shops - ie. what the consumer eats, rather
than the potentially infectious tissue, which is incinerated.


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