Precision and linearity

Dwight Lynn dlynn at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Mon Apr 1 07:11:53 EST 1996

On Saturday, March 30, 1996 12:17 PM Nigel Smith[SMTP:ns10005 at] 
>In article <9603291834.AA29206 at>, >bap at MED.PITT.EDU
>(Bruce Phillips) wrote:

>>         Recently, Dwight Lynn had the audacity to communicate:
>>> I'm sorry to inform you that you cannot determine a linear relationship 
>>> with just two points.  You'll need to set up another centrifuge at 3X 
for 8
>>> years and 8 months.
>> Dwight Lynn
>>         Au contraire, two points are the surest way to establish a 
>> line.  In the realm of good science, I am willing to get the points 
>> drawing the line.
>Two points certainly define a line, and if want a straight line then two
>points is all you should take.
>However, if you want to prove to your peers that the line *is* straight, I
>would suggest you plot a few more...
>      Nigel

I did not say you couldn't draw a straight line between two points, of 
course you can.  I said you cannot determine a linear relationship.  If 
you've had any statistics, you know these are different points (so to 
speak). :-)


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