Precision and linearity

K. Shannon KMShannon at
Tue Apr 2 07:04:58 EST 1996

Bruce Phillips wrote:
>         Recently, Dwight Lynn had the audacity to communicate:
> I'm sorry to inform you that you cannot determine a linear relationship
> with just two points.  You'll need to set up another centrifuge at 3X for 8
> years and 8 months.
> Dwight Lynn
>         Au contraire, two points are the surest way to establish a straight
> line.  In the realm of good science, I am willing to get the points BEFORE
> drawing the line.

I am suprised that bandwidth needs to be used for this issue, if one would call 
this an issue.  Must I reiterate the differences between accuracy and precision 
in this case?  As stated immediately above, it is true that 2 points constitute a 
straight line however, the precision based on two points compared to the 
precision of three or more is significant in nature.  In science, we must neglect 
a certain amount of error in calculations due to inherent entropy but it all 
comes down to convincing the professors on one's committie.

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