Precision and linearity

Thu Apr 4 17:14:06 EST 1996

>>On Tuesday, April 02, 1996 7:05 AM K. Shannon wrote:

>>...a lot of serious stuff.

>Dr. Shannon, please lighten up.  Prior to your post this was a good natured 
>(non-serious) discussion.  I and no one else previously posting to this 
>thread thought anyone was seriously considering two points were sufficient 
>for a scientific experiment....

>Seriously bummed out,
>Dwight Lynn

I agree.  However, I think you are all wrong.  The best way to draw a straight
line is with one point.  Just think how easy it is to fit all experimental data
to that line. And as long as you are working with only one unknown at a time,
you can always get a correlation coefficient of 1.0.  Now that's the kind of
data for grants.

Bart Corsaro

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