Support Dr. Gajdusek

Konstantin Chumakov chumakov at
Thu Apr 4 23:29:03 EST 1996

Terrible tragedy has happened.  I just learned from TV news that Nobel Prize
winner Dr. Daniel Carleton Gajdusek was arrested in Frederick, MD on charges
of sexual abuse.  Dr. Gajdusek is one of the greatest humanists of the
modern era, person who is completely devoted to science and raising family
of adopted children (more than 50 kids during the last 40 years of his
life!).  Only sick and perverse mind can think about his heroic efforts to
raise these childern in terms of sexual abuse.  I urge all virologists who
know Carleton, and those for whom moral values still matter to do everything
to stop this shameless assault on one of the most decent and honest people
we had privilege to know and work with.

Thank you and God bless Carleton.

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