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 Dear Sir/Madam,

	Let me introduce myself as an experienced molecular biologist and 
biochemist with more then 10 years of experience.
	My name is Alex Zagariya, I'm 32 years old. I'm now working as Research 
Associate in Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. My  fellowship is 
expires by June 1, 1996, and I am looking for a job in Biotech Industry 
or Academia.
	My background is multidisciplinary. Being an molecular biologist and 
geneticist by education, I got an intensive training in Biochemistry and 
Cell Biology during my post-graduate and post-doctoral work. Besides a 
solid background in applied and theoretical molecular biology, I have 
experience in the study of DNA-protein interactions since 1986. I am an 
expert in various methods of molecular biology in different appliances.
	As described in enclosed resume I have taken part in various molecular 
biology projects such as development of TNFa gene activation mechanism, 
mapping of the histone-DNA interactions and topoisomerase studies. I 
feel very comfortable with hardware, including routing maintenance and 
reparation of the laboratory equipment. 
	I am organized and detail-oriented, able and willing to learn more from 
other people. I enjoy working in international environment and have a 
great attitude. I would appreciate an interview opportunity to discuss 
how my background and qualification may fit the requirements for certain 
	Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Sincerely yours,	              Alexander M. Zagariya, Ph. D.

R E S U M E:
*NAME:Alexander  M.  Zagariya,  Ph.D.
E. mail :  amz717 at
Permanent Resident of the United States

*GOAL: To work as a research scientist (molecular biologist) as part of 
a  fast-paced research team toward the discovery of novel human 
therapeutics or other projects, relocation available 		 
Department of Medicine,
Division of Arthritis,
Northwestern University,
Medical School, Ward 3-315,
303 E. Chicago Ave.,
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Phone:    (312) 908-9873
FAX:       (312) 503-0994
E. mail:   amz717 at
374 Inland Dr.,
Wheeling, IL 60090
Phone/FAX (708)520-0948

*DATE/PLACE OF BIRTH: 1964, Kiev, Ukraine

*MARITAL STATUS: Married: Wife-Elena V. Zagariya, was born 1969,
Daughter Olga, was born 1991

*HEALTH: Excellent

*PROFILE: Highly energetic, results oriented. Solid understanding of 
service goals, accuracy. Excellent  interpersonal, communication  and 
analytical skills. Ability to deal effectively with all levels of 
employees. Strong leadership skills. Sensitivity to the social and 
ethical issues

1992-1993 - American National Arthritis Foundation Fellowship
1985 - Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russian Academy 
of Sciences, Siberian Branch, competition for young scientists, 3rd 
1984 - Excellent student of Kiev University
1983  - Kiev University young scientists competition, 1st prize

Department of Medicine,
Division of Arthritis,
Northwestern University,
Chicago, Illinois
Department of Biochemistry,
The University of Alabama at Birmingham,
Birmingham, Alabama
(Associated with Molecular Geriatrics Corp.,
ABBOTT Healthcare Corp.,
101 Waukegan Road, Suite 970,
Lake Bluff, Illinois
Department of Cytophysiology,
Institute of Cell Biology, Kiev, Ukraine
(Ph. D. - 1991, Oncology and Radiobiology)
Since1995 till now - ASSISTANT PROFESSOR,
Organized the Fellowships and employment
for three Post-doctoral research associates from
Kiev's Institute in the United States
Laboratory of Molecular Organization of Chromosomes,
Institute of Molecular Biology,
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Moscow, Russia
Department  of  General and Molecular Genetics,
Kiev University, Kiev, Ukraine
Graduated with Honors in Biology,
Chemistry and Physics, (B. Sc. degree - 1986,
Molecular Biology and Genetics)

-More then ten years  of lab experience in cell and molecular biology
-International lab experience and supervision of qualified scientists 
working on topoisomerases and TNFa. Supervision of B. Sc., M. S. and Ph. 
D. students, visiting scientists and lab technicians
-Cytokines and its antibodies, T lymphocyte culture, macrophage biology
-DNA and protein sequence alignment and domain analysis
-Transcriptional regulation
-DNA topoisomerases and gyrases
-DEAE-dextran, lipofectamin, Ca2+phosphatetransfections. Electropo- 
ration of eucaryotic cells
-The DNA isolation and purification
-Electroelution and elution of DNA by Gelase
-Protein purification (tubulin acetyltransferase, monoclonal  antibodies 
to Z-DNA, histones and non-histone proteins, etc.)
-Radioactive labeling of DNA - nick translation, kinase (32P, 33P, 3H 
dT) and proteins (125I,  14C acetyl Co A)
-Non-radioactive labeling of DNA (Biotin)
-Cross-linking of proteins to DNA in vitro and  in  vivo using UV and 
different chemical cross-linkers in cells (in  vivo),  nuclei, 
chromatin, oligonucleotides
-Analysis of DNA-protein cross-links by 1 and 2D mini and maxi gel 
electrophoresis in different systems
-Electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA), and DNA-protein 
cross-linking in solution or in gel
-Northern, Southern, Western and Southern-Western blotting and 
-Chromatography - ion exchange, gel filtration, familiarity with HPLC 
and FPLC
-Immunochemical staining
-Plasmids: mini and maxi preparations, genomic DNA isolation
-Isolation of bacterial clones, recombinant protein induction and 
expression in E. coli (familiarity)
-Screening of cDNA library
-Flow cytometry (familiarity)
-Oligonucleotides manipulations and synthesis
-Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (ELISA)
-Restriction endonuclease digestion¹s
-Generation of Z-DNA by bromination of poly (G-C) sequence
-Circular dichroism analysis of Z-DNA (familiarity)
-Languages: Fluently in English, Russian, Ukrainian (native) and 
Belorussian presently learning German and Polish
-As a requirement for my position, I have taken the Radiation Safety 
Training Course and the Laboratory Safety Course. I have also attended a 
seminar for Teaching Assistants

Translator,  October 1995
(Translated a technical manual from English to Russian)
Interpreter,  May 1994
(For the Ukraine Consulate General)

1994 - till now: Regulation of the TNFa  gene expression during 
arthritis development. The promoter regulation of the TNFa gene 
expression. Promoter deletion experiments, using gel-shift and 
transfections into primary macrophages and monocytes. Discovered that  
the NF-IL6    and  cJun   synergistically activate  the TNFa gene 
expression in PMA stimulated Jurkat cell line. Isolation, purification 
and characterization of transcription factors - activators of the TNFa 
gene. Worked with vectors to express the promoter factors and its 
mutants in different cells. Effect of different stimulation agents as 
PMA, LPS, polyamines, UV, divalent cations  etc  on the gene expression 
and  on the DNA-protein binding
1991- 1994: Relaxation studies of topoisomerase I from Pea leaves 
chloroplasts and E. coli. Purified tubulin acetyltransferase from rat 
brain and developed a new method for quick quantitative analysis of 
native DNA-protein complexes
1985 - 1990:  Developed  a  new  method  for separation and purification 
of nuclear proteins and their complexes using batch elution from 
hydroxyapatite. Established methods for DNA-protein cross-linking  in 
vitro   and  in vivo   using radical-producing chemical systems. Turned 
summer job into full time employment

-Instructor and lecturer in Molecular Biology before many groups, 
Journal Club lectures and discussions, Kiev University, 1990-1991
-Seminars in Molecular Biology, Institute of Molecular Biology, Moscow, 
Russia, 1986-1990
-Seminars in Molecular Biology, Lecturer and Organizer of Molecular 
Biology Journal Club and Minicourse, Institute of Cytology and Genetics, 
Novosibirsk,  Russia, 1984, 1985 
-Lectures and laboratory instructions in Molecular Biology, Kiev 
University, Kiev, Ukraine. Course taught to first year of medical 
students, 1986
-Molecular Biology Laboratory Organizer and Lecturer, International 
Institute of Cell Biology, Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine (September 
- November 1994)
-Member of few national, state and local scientific associations and 

-Expert in computer hardware, software and database
-Software for DOS and Windows:
-Word Processors: Microsoft Word (5.1, 6.0), Word Perfect, Page Maker, 
-Macintosh and  IBM AT/PC  computers (Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 
-All facets of the Internet (i.e. Gopher, Network, Usenet, Bionet, 
Biospace, E. mail etc.)
-Drawing programs - Harvard Graphics, Aldus Superpaint, Power Point, 
Cricket Graph, Abode Photoshop, Excel (slides preps.) and many other 

-8th Chicago Signal Transduction Symposium. May 16, 1995. Northwestern 
University. Chicago Campus-Thorne Hall, Lake Shore Drive and Chicago 
Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
-International Symposium: Plant Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. 
October 3-6, 1994, Kiev, Ukraine 
-The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Biochemistry. 
Screening of the cDNA library. February 3, 1993. Enzymatic and chemical 
footprinting and DNA-protein cross-linking. March 10, 1993
-Visitor at International Symposium "Molecular Oncology", San Diego. May 
20-23, 1992 San Diego Convention Center, California 
-Invited speaker, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, CA, Laboratory of 
Oncology. May 15-16, 1992
-Invited Speaker, conference, sponsored by MD Anderson Cancer Center, 
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, University of Texas at Houston,  April 
2-10, 1992
-Soviet-British Symposium "Regulation of transcription", Moscow,  
November, 1990
-International congress for using lasers in Biology and Medicine, 
Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1991
-Instructor in the workshop on "General and Molecular Genetics", Kiev 
University, Kiev, Ukraine, 1985
-All Union Symposium on Molecular Biology, Novosibirsk, Russia, 1984 and 

1. Activaton of the TNFa gene by C/EBPb and AP-1. R. Pope, A. Zagariya, 
S. Mungre,  R. Lovis. 6-th International TNF Congress. Abstract Ref. 
No:73. Rhodes, Greece, May 15-20, 1996
2. Activation of TNFa gene by NF-IL6 and cJun. A. Zagariya, M. Birrer, 
S. Mungre, R. Lovis, and R. Pope. National Scientific Meeting of the 
American College of Rheumatology. October 21-26, 1995, at the Moscone 
Center and Mariott Hotel in San Francisco, California
3. Adenovirus mediated genetic approach to regulate TNFa gene expression 
in Rheumatoid arthritis. S. Mungree, A. Zagariya, R. Lovis and R. Pope. 
National Scientific Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology. 
October 21-26, 1995, at the Moscone Center and Mariott Hotel in San 
Francisco, California
4. Enrichment for tubulin acetyltransferase activity from immature rat 
brain tissue. H. Kim, A. Zagariya  and  H. Fan. Abstract. The American 
Society for Cell Biology, December 10-15, 1994, San Francisco, 
5. Studies of tubulin and MAP2 acetylation using the carboxy 22 kDa 
fragment of MAP2 as substrate. H. Kim, H. Fan, A. Zagariya, R. Coffey 
and D. L. Purich. Abstract. The American Society for Cell Biology, 
December 14-17, 1993, New Orleans, Louisiana
6. New methods for cross-linking of nuclear proteins to DNA  in vitro   
and  in vivo  by radical-producing chemical systems. A. M. Zagariya, A. 
D. Mirzabekov and S. G. Bavykin. Soviet-British Symposium, Moscow, 
October 1990
7. The effect of infrared laser on the structure of rat chromatin. G. D. 
Berdyshev, A. M.  Zagariya and  A. V. Vinogradov, "Lasers and medicine" 
- Collection of Thesis, Part 1, Interactions of higher and lower 
energetic irradiation with different organs. International laser 
Symposium, Tashkent,  Uzbekistan, p. 55, 1989

8. Activation of the TNFa gene by C/EBPb  and AP-1.  A. Zagariya, M. 
Birrer, S. Mungre, R. Lovis and R. Pope. In preparation
9. Tubulin acetyltransferase purification from rat brain. H. Kim, A. 
Zagariya,  H. Fan.  In preparation
10. Bee venom and propolis stimulated DNA-protein cross-linking. A. 
Zagariya,  L. Sitailo and G. D. Berdyshev. In preparation
11. DNA topoisomerase from E. coli and Pisum Sativum leaf chloroplasts. 
Characteristic features and comparison. L. Sitailo, C. Mohan and A. 
Zagariya  In  press 
12. The influence of antibiotics and antitumor agents on the relaxation 
activity of Pisum Sativum leaf chloroplast topoisomerase I. A. M. 
Zagariya  and  L. A. Sitailo  Archives  of  Biochemistry and  
Biophysics,  V. 320, N1, June 20, pp. 177-181, 1995
13. A rapid and simple method for quantitative analysis of regulatory 
transcription proteins. A. Zagariya, C. Mohan, E. Zagariya and L. 
Sitailo.  In  press
14. Mechanisms of stabilizing nucleosome structure. Study of 
dissociation of histone octamer from DNA. S. N. Khrapunov, A. I. Dragan, 
A. V. Sivolob and A. M. Zagariya.  In  press
15. A rapid method for the fractionation of nuclear proteins and their 
complexes by batch elution from hydroxylapatite. A. Zagariya,  S. 
Khrapunov  and  W. Zacharias.   The Journal of Chromatography,  V. 648, 
pp. 275-278, 1993
16. Dermatoglyphic and longevity. G. D. Berdyshev  and  A. M. Zagariya 
Nature, Moscow, 11, pp. 66-69, 1990
17. Frequency of human longevity in the Ukraine. A. M. Zagariya  and  G. 
D. Berdyshev. Cytology  and  genetics,  V. 23, N4, pp. 23-28, 1990
18. Molecular organization of chromosomes. G. D. Berdyshev, I. F. 
Krivoruchko, A. M. Zagariya in the book-monograph, Genetic Pathology (V. 
1,2), Russian Referative Journal "Human Genetic", 1988, Ref. 3.40, 277, 
Dept. 3.40.275, Kiev, Ukraine, All Ukrainian Institute of Scientific 
Information, p. 374, 1988
19. Genetic factors of human longevity. A. M. Zagariya  and  G. D. 
Berdyshev.  Cytology and Genetics, V.21, pp. 221-224, 1987


Available upon request
If I sound right for you, I am best reached by  E. mail:    
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