Precision and linearity

K. Shannon KMShannon at
Sat Apr 6 00:48:27 EST 1996

> I agree.  However, I think you are all wrong.  The best way to draw a straight
> line is with one point.  Just think how easy it is to fit all experimental data
> to that line. And as long as you are working with only one unknown at a time,
> you can always get a correlation coefficient of 1.0.  Now that's the kind of
> data for grants.
> Bart Corsaro

It is theoretically impossible to get an r squared value of 1.  The only reason 
that it may happen from time to time on a standard curve when performing 
linear regression is due to computer neglection of error.  I f one should 
disagree, they might check out a book on entropy.
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