Prions & BSE

Giovanni Maga maga at
Tue Apr 9 10:01:39 EST 1996

In article <DpHroq.2C0 at>, rhc at (Richard H
Clancey) wrote:

>         Prions never contained DNA or RNA by definition.  They are
> supposedly pathological forms of otherwise normal proteins which
> duplicate themselves endlessly.
>It is still not known whether they are the causative agents of
> BSE and similar diseases, or whether they even exist at all.

I guess these last two points have been clarified. See, among the most
recent, articles, the paper in Nature 1995 vol 378 pages 761-2 (with
commentary in the same issue page 759).
I think this  paper provides both evidence for the existence (well, it was
already well known anyway) and infectivity of prions. Moreover, it
addresses a few basic questions about species-specificity. A must for all
Regards, G. Maga.

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