Dr. Gajdusek's legal defense fund

Unknown chumakov at intr.net
Thu Apr 11 20:24:23 EST 1996

As many readers of this group already know from news coverage, recently
Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. D. Carleton Gajdusek was arrested in Frederick, MD.
All his friends are standing by him and are convinced of his complete
innocence.  Following is a repost of an announcement by Dr. Paul Brown about
Dr. Gajdusek's legal defense fund.  I urge everybody who knows Carleton and
respects his outstanding contributions to science and medicine, or just
wants to see justice served, to contribute to the fund and forward this
message to as many people as possible.


11 April 1996

Dear Friend,

As you probably know, Dr. Carleton Gajdusek is the subject of a government
investigation, and was recently arrested and placed in jail. Within two
days, we succeeded in posting his $350,000 bond, and he is now free to live
a more or less normal life (including scientific activities outside the NIH)
within the confines of the state of Maryland while awaiting trial.

He has excellent legal representation, for which anticipated expenses over
the next few months will almost certainly exceed $300,000.  Carleton has no
savings, having spent all of his money over the past several decades to
provide for the care and education of his innumerable adopted children.

We will be enormously grateful for any financial contribution you can make
to the cost of his legal defense. Towards this end I have set up a defense
fund to which you may wish to make a contribution, either by sending a check
made out to me, Paul Brown, M.D., LDF, to my home:

Dr. Paul Brown
7815 Exeter Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814,

or by wiring money directly to:

Riggs Bank NA
7235 Wisconsin Ave.,
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Account # 80042147-0101
ABA #055002066
Paul Brown, MD, LDF

Either way (please send me notification), I will mail to you a receipt of
your contribution.

Those of us who have spent our lives in Carleton's presence (or absence!),
and who care about him and about justice, deeply thank you ...
Paul Brown
P.S. Please forgive this appeal if you have already contacted me; I am
trying to cover as many bases as possible in the shortest possible time, and
a certain amount of redundancy is inevitable.

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