Michael L. Perdue mperdue at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Mon Apr 15 10:58:00 EST 1996

SPAFAS is a company in Connecticut somewhere, I can get the address if 
you really need it, just e-mail me back.  SPF is specific pathogen free 
referring to the fact that the flocks are tested routinely for several 
common avian diseases, including viral.  You would have to prepare CEF 
from eggs from these flocks in a sterile atmosphere and keep them that 
way to continue to call them SPF fibroblasts.  You might be able to 
obtain prepared cultures from someone like ATCC, or find a nearby 
virologist or tissue culture lab to help.  It's pretty standard stuff.

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On 15 Apr 1996, Audrey Chang Ph.D. wrote:

> Hello,
> Does anyone know if one can get chicken embryo fibroblast cells free of 
> virus commercially?  The name "SPAFAS" CEF  floats around?  Any info will 
> be appreciated.  Thanks

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