Ebola Reston in Texas

Hans Andersson hasse at panix.com
Mon Apr 15 18:37:01 EST 1996

*** Outbreak of Ebola Reston in Texas Monkeys ***

CNN and Reuters News Service reported on Monday, April 15 that monkeys in
a primate breeding facility in Alice, Texas are under quarantine. 
Two monkeys died of Ebola virus at that facility recently.

Several employees at HRP, Inc. are being monitored daily for the disease,
but no caretakers at the facility are thought to have been scratched or
bitten by the infected monkeys.  However, the CDC sent a "hot zone team"
to the site as a precaution.

The infected monkeys were imported from the Phillipines on March 21.  One
died on March 30, and the other this past weekend, said Ben Barnett,
medical epidemiologist at the Texas Department of Health.

The outbreak is believed to be a strain similar to the one that wiped out
a  monkey colony at the Reston research facility in 1989.  The Texas
facility also reported an outbreak of Ebola Reston in 1990.   In that
incident, several monkeys died but there were no human infections.

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--Hans Andersson, NYC
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