Ebola in primate center in South Texas!

Charles Hoffman choffman at pelican.davlin.net
Mon Apr 15 20:57:43 EST 1996

Stand by for further information!
Ebola has been diagnosed in primates in the South Texas Primate Center
which breeds for medical use.  Apparently source is from Phillipines
breeder.  My understanding is that all sources deliver non wildlife
animals, yet it has appeared.  Questions are if wildlife has been
imported to the phillipines and distributed planetarily.  More info to
follow.  \\

Ours is a 150 year old ranching enterprise only fifteen miles away and
the neo-tropical bird migration is underway full swing.  Hundreds of
migratory insectorvor raptors have been observed in the vicinity of
the primate center today and I wonder if viable ebola sources are
present in their sphere of influence.

If there is any interest I will post further.  Advise.


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