Ebola scare in South Texas Update FINAL

Mark Dean mdean at netcom.com
Tue Apr 16 01:51:20 EST 1996

Great, now the conspiracy wackos will be all over this.  Saying that it 
really IS Ebola (reston) and the Army and CDC are just covering it up.  
They wouldn't do that; look how they handled it all in Reston.  Oh.  Yeah.

Charles Hoffman <choffman @pelican.davlin.net> wrote:
>Not ebola!
>Employees at the SouthTexas Primate facility report tonight just now,
>that the State of Texas and the U.S. CDC representatives verified that
>the dealer supplied 100 monkeys, where 2 tested positive for a unknown
>virus, was in fact not ebola, but filo-virus.  
>The monkeys came from Ferlite of the Phillipines, a primate dealer
>which may now have some questionable sources, as a result.  Monkeys
>are supposed to be bred stock, not wildlife!
>For those interested, it appears that the alarming information of
>ebola came from a U. S. Army branch with association with the CDC who
>has an member or employee who anononomously  informed the "media"
>that there was ebola in South Texas Primate Center.  The State of
>Texas and the CDC has confirmed to the national media that there is no
>problem of ebola.  Tests are negative at the primate center.  
>Local media, however, continues tonight to spread the incorrect
>information.  Please do not be alarmed with this information; that is
>the best information I can determine at this hour from South Texas
>here at the ranch via telephone with persons at the primate center.

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