Ebola in Alice, Texas (and reckless CNN reporting)

Joao Vasconcelos Costa jcosta at pen.gulbenkian.pt
Tue Apr 16 10:32:27 EST 1996

Michael Rivero wrote:
>   CNN and the net (except oddly for this group here) are reporting
> on the small Ebola Reston outbreak in Alice Texas.
>   In a typical example of how accurate CNN is at times, they made the statement
> that Ebola Reston (yes, Reston) was responsible for an outbreak in Zaire
> that killed over 300 people, following it immediatly with references to
> the Reston Monmkey House and a statement that the Reston variant does not
> appear to infect humans (which I understand to be true).
>   The confusion between Reston and Zaire Ebolas makes for good nes stories but
> bad science. Someone ought to whack CNN on the wrist (with an architects ruler).
Can you imagine what has been said in my country (with its poor 
scientific background) about BSE and the variant CJD?
The problem is that this kind of misinformation is not transmitted here
only by the media but also by pseudo-experts, MDs included.

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