Ebola in primate center in South Texas!

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Thu Apr 18 10:49:27 EST 1996

Biomed reports on studies that have confirmed the Ebola contagion 
being airborne. If this is suspected at the least why can CDC not 
report on these government findings in relation to precautions in 
Texas. I do not believe that this situation needs to be downplayed by 
the authorities. If strain is not 100% Reston then that means that it 
is a mutation of which we do not have a history of.

I would also be interested in learning about the unfortunate 
caretakers that have been in contact with the animals. Although they 
are not under quarantine, what is the defintion of "being kept under a 
watchful eye...We are keepin a close watch on them". Does this mean 
that the workers can continue on with their business as usual or are 
they restricted in any manner. We have all heard that Ebola has an 
incubation period of up to 20 something days does this not mean 
anything in terms of keeping the workers in quarantine?

Although not paranoid. These are some issues that are not being 
covered. For those of us keeping track of these posted discussions, we 
are at least more aware of the significance of the situation. It needs 
to be treated as if though it were a "Hot Zone". And until it is over 
then agencies and other professionals should be allowed to be carefree 
in their speculations. Why have we not heard more about the 1990 
incident...did CDC come to Texas for their first vist back then. I do 
not recall the media exposure.

What are your thoughts.....

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