"Ebola Reston"??

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Well, I'm with you, now a little confused?  According to the 
International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (page 291 of the sixth 
report), species of the genus 
Filoviridae include Ebola virus Reston, Ebola virus Sudan,  Ebola virus 
Zaire, and Marburg virus (strain Musoke).  According to the Encyclopedia 
of Virology (pg 827), the members of the Filoviridae include "Marburg, 
both types of Ebola (Ebola-Zaire and Ebola-Sudan) and Reston viruses".  
I'm curious too, though the latter makes most sense to me.  H-D Klenk was 
first author of the section in the Encyclopedia and Third author of the 
section in the ICTV report, perhaps he could shed some light?  Are you 
out there Hans? 

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On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, a rose wrote:

> This is the first time that I read combined names like "Ebola Reston" or 
> "Ebola Marburg". Is that a correct nomenclature? I undestand that Ebola, 
> Reston, Marburg are all different, though related Filoviruses, and that 
> Reston isn't pathogenic for humans. Am I correct when I think that "Ebola 
> Reston" is just a snappy term some journalist came up with to catch 
> attention easier?
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