Viruses in a vector

Ursula Keuper-Bennett howzit at
Sat Apr 20 07:03:31 EST 1996


OK.  I believe that a disease is possibly being transmitted by a vector. 
 The vector is a fish.  (Actually several species of fish have been 
observed performing "cleaning" behaviour)

I figure tissue, material and the viruses gets carried around by the 

My question is this.

If I captured one or several of these suspected mechanical vectors, 
would a lab be able to detect the viruses after (say) 24 hours or more 
has passed. (Could be in the dentition for example)

I know from my readings that viruses can't survive on their own for any 
length of time.  Hmmmm... I guess I have another question.

Can dead viruses be detected in such a scenario?

Thank you

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