"Ebola Reston"???

Joao Vasconcelos Costa jcosta at pen.gulbenkian.pt
Mon Apr 22 11:59:00 EST 1996

Tim Fitzmaurice wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Joao Vasconcelos Costa wrote:
> > Giovanni Maga wrote:
> > > The same is quoted in any virology textbook. As for the high rate of
> > > mutation, Ebola does not seem to have an higher rate than any other RNA
> > > virus. I can give you more info on the MolBio of Ebola, anyway or you can
> > > contact the address above.
> > By the opposite. I can't remeber exactly, but I think there is some data
> > indicating has a LOWER rate of variability than most of RNA viruses. Am
> > I right?
> Is that based on similarity between the E.zaire outbreaks in 76' and recently
> or would it be more general eg by passage....?
> Tim

As far as I remember, this was raised by the simmilarity between
outbreaks. I know nothing about variability along tissue culture

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