Ebola ubiquity

Encarnacion Perez, Jr. e.perezjr. at worldnet.att.net
Sun Apr 28 17:37:26 EST 1996

While all of the news reporters and scientists go on about the changing 
nature of Ebola Reston and other "Reston-like" Ebola, it is interesting 
to note that the monkeys in Alice Texas came from the Phillipines.  
Didn't the original Reston monkeys come from Africa?  If this is true 
then I think that we may have more of a problem than we realize.
Then again, if the Reston monkeys also came from the Phillipines, my 
argument is full of hot air.  But consider this, all of the other Ebola 
organisms have come from Africa (Zaire, Tai, Marburg) what is this coming 
out of the Phillipines?  How did it get there in the first place?  How 
similar is it to the African strains?  Is Ebola in other rain forests 
that we don't know?

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