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Dear Robin,
I also read the book "The Hot Zone" and it does not provide any evidence
that the Reston monkeys originated from the continent of Africa.
I am sorry that you felt compelled to introduce the concept of race. I do not
see the relevance. I was only seeking information.
Delano James  

>>> Robin M. Weare <persepha at csulb.edu> 04/29/96 02:40pm >>>
> Can you give the source of information for the African origin of the
> and/or Alice Texas monkeys? Also is Africa the only continent with
> indigenous primates (monkeys)?  It seems a popular trend to identify the
> continent of Africa as the source of so many pathogens. I believe that it
> very irresponsible to make those kinds of claims without supporting
> evidence.

My source was the well-known book _The Hot Zone_. It could be
incorrect, but it's hard for me to believe the author would have gotten
something that basic wrong.

No, Africa's not the only place with indigenous primates; Asia and even
parts of Europe have them as well. An entirely separate group of primates
(though we call them "monkeys" as well) exists in South America.

Regardless of the politics of the matter, when all other varieties of a group
of organisms are indigenous to Africa, it is reasonable to assume that
variety X also is from Africa. At any rate, the author stated that monkeys
were imported from Africa to the Phillipines for holding. Some of these
monkeys escaped into the wilds, both establishing themselves and possibly
spreading pathogens to local species.

And, Africa is the continent where humans apparently originated, where
they have existed the longest. It's not racist to predict that that is where the
most pathogens have adapted to attack humans in the process of

Robin M. Weare

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