HSV and pregnancy

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In article <4fnk74$d4o at linus.mitre.org>, Janice LaRock <jlarock at mitre.org>

> I'm currently about 12 1/2 weeks pregnant, and have just gotten an 
> outbreak (not primary) of HSV (supraorbital).  I'm using zovirax cream to 
> control it, because I really don't want to take the oral on the chance 
> that it could hurt the baby.  So far, the infection is being moderately 
> controlled, although the oral acyclovir would be more effective.  But it 
> occurred to me yesterday that I don't know if the virus itself could hurt 
> the baby.  
> Does the virus get into my bloodstream, and cross the placenta?  There is 
> some lymph involvement (in front of my ear, and in my neck on the 
> affected side); could the kid catch HSV in utero?
> Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately, Janice it IS posssible. But before you freak out and get
worried please see a doctor. Perhaps he/she can allay your fears and help
limit the risk of fetal transmission. If interested there is quite a body
of literature that discusses transmission mechanisms.

Good luck

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