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>While waiting for my gel to finish staining I decided, on a whim, to take
>a look at the number of "innapropriate" postings on our net feed of b.v..
>The following are posts made from from Feb 9th to Feb 23:

As long as we are thinking about "food" we probably ought to contemplate
what we're wearing also.  The following post decorates one of my
microbiology groups:

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Subject: Re: Cotton Underwear?
Date: 23 Feb 1996 23:13:56 -0500

If I am not mistaken, due to the fibrous make up of cotton, it allows
one's body to breathe (circulation).  I for one prefer cotton panels in my
panties for that reason; however, I prefer the feel of silk and lace on
the majority of my lingerie.  =)

This kind of titilation doesn't exactly help keep a guy's mind on his
microplaque assays! (all possible puns are purely accidental)

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