Computer Virus Analogy

Joao Vasconcelos Costa jcosta at
Wed Jan 3 02:30:52 EST 1996

pete_leaback at ("Peter Leaback") wrote:
>I was wondering if there is an analogy in the biological world. When a 
>virus infects a cell, I would have thought it would be counter productive
>for a second infection.
>Is it known how many times a single cell can be infected ? 
>Pete Leaback.

A single cell may be infected by many virus particles simultaneously.
But I guess your question concerns multiple infections in succession.
Usually, at least in the case of lytic infections, an infected cell, at
the end of the infectious cycle, is either dead or severely damaged and
can't replicate a supervenient virus.
Other types of infection (latent or persistent) may be more complex.


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