The Hot Zone

Hans Andersson hasse at
Sat Jan 6 22:37:22 EST 1996


I'm a journalist with a special interest in medical & science. I would 
recommend Laurie Garrett - "The Coming Plague" and Robin Marantz Henig -
"The Dancing Matrix" (both are out in pocket). Laurie Garrett's book is, 
according to me, even better than "The Hot Zone" - so check it out!

I'm currently working on a substantial article on xenotransplantation -
pig-&-baboon-to-human organ & tissue transplantation. If you want I 
could send you a copy of the article when it's done (soon). It will be 
published simultaneously in Scandinavia and in the U.S.

I believe that the world is going to need many good virologists.(if you 
read "The Coming Plague" you will understand why)

All the best and good luck with your studies,

Hans Andersson, NYC
hasse at  

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