New CDC policy on polio vaccine??

K. Weber kweber at
Tue Jan 9 23:24:55 EST 1996

On 4 Jan 1996, Wrenf wrote:

> Hi, I am new to this newsgroup and am hoping someone out there can answer
> my question.  I saw on some TV show ( one of those pseudo news/ gossip
> shows) that the CDC has a new policy which will be in effect in about a
> year for  polio immunizations.  The supposedly new policy is for the first
> 2 immunizations to be the dead virus which is injected and the live
> attenuated oral for the last 2 doses.  This is to prevent any cases of
> polio transmission to the infant from the live oral vaccine.  I know there
> are some cases each year of polio from the live vaccine (supposedly the
> vaccine is  the source of any new cases reported now)  and they are hoping
> to reduce the risk with the new policy.  
> I tried to call the CDC but due to the govt shutdown there was no one to
> answer or confirm any of this.  Are there any CDC folks out there familiar
> with this?  Has anyone else heard of this?  We are due for our 2nd dose on
> Monday and I've decided to just get the dead vaccine for my peace of mind
> but I am still curious. Any info would be appreciated.  
> Thanks, Judith, Pharm. D.

	They may not be saying so, but there was a cluster of nurses, 20 
I think, in a Canadian hospital who developed CFIDS from contaiminated 
vaccine.  I remember seeing a show that the risk of clinical polio is 
about one per one million vaccinations, but this was 10 years ago.  I 
suspect they are more worried about CFIDS.  I have the address of one of 
the nurses somewhere, and will forward yours to her unless you let me 
know otherwise.  I energy is very low, and so sometimes I have to take 
short breaks.  I think it's good you took the dead vaccine.  If there is 
any other advice, she will probably know.


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