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>Jane and all parents of new borns:
>I would like to try and clear up a couple of things about the DPT vaccine as 
>well as others.  Vaccinations are a very important part of healthcare 
>prevention, but you must know the facts about the risks and be able to present 
>your knowledge to your doctor.  The problem with the DPT is the live pertussis 
>bacterium.  It has been shown to cause brain damage and death as well as less 
>serious side effects.  This is seen more in people that are more sensitive to 
>the reaction.  For example, if problems to this vaccine run in the family you 
>might not want to get it, and if the child had a bad reaction before.  Also 
>you must not be overly ill at the time of vaccination and there is more.   
>There is an alternative to the live vaccine and that would be the acellular 
>pertussis injection.  Its risk for causing the rare lethal effects is 
>tremendously less.  It has currently been implemented into the last two 
>shots of the series.  It does not offer the same quality of protection as the 
>live kind but it has shown to be effective.  You may have to get more 
>injections to achieve the same level of protection.  So it is important to 
>consult your pediatrician about this if you have any doubts.  My main focus is 
>to try and help ease your fears and help you understand that there are 
>alternatives, but it is essential to get your child vaccinated.
>The reason I say that is the spread of disease may seem not as important to 
>some, but these bugs can change over time, can hurt pregnant women (rubella) 
>if that person is not vaccinated, and many more.  I just would hate to see 
>fear lead to more pain in the future.  I will post more info in the future 
>when I have more time. 
>Andy B.  (Pharmacy Student, OSU)

A slight clarification to the post above.  The pertussis vaccine does not 
contain live bacteria, but does depend for its antigenicity on components 
derived from killed bacteria.  These may be associated with some adverse 
effects, although the relationship is questioned.

Bill Graney

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