hemophiliacs with ebola virus

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Thu Jun 27 11:02:31 EST 1996

patrickh at CANDW.LC wrote:
>The subsceptibility of hemophiliacs to ebola virus.  The prevelance and >the rate of transmission among of the virus among hemophiliac patients. >Other factors predisposing a patient to infection.

Given the relatively small number of people overall who have been
infected with ebola, I think it is unlikely that there have been enough
hemophiliacs infected to reach any conclusions about the questions you
ask regarding them.  What makes you think (apparently, based on your
last question regarding "other factors" that predispose a person to
infection) that hemophiliacs might be more susceptible to ebola
infection than the general population?  In the absence of additional
information about what you want, even your last question is difficult to
answer.  I would suggest visiting any of the Web pages dedicated to ebola
information, including but not limited to:


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