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Could you help us?    Could I help my family?   

I deeply wish you can bring  a gleam of hope to my mother, my  daughter 
and me. I hope you can  help us. 
My mother, my daughter and I are being infected with an unknown terrible 
micro-organism. We are suffering serious pain. Doctors at the best 
hospitals in China cannot cure us; they do not even know what illness it 
is. We love life. I do appreciate the young life of my daughter with only 
five years old. I wish we can defeat this rare disease. So now we are 
asking the world -- can anyone help us?

This disease can be infected by directly contact of mucous membrane.  Its 
main symptoms are: hard itch and piercing pain in all body, damage skin 
and mucous membrane. I earnestly hope the microbiologists or pathologists 
all over the world can help to find out the cause of this disease. On the 
other hand, I think this illness is worth to study and may lead to some 
new discoveries.

Because I could not find the doctors who can cure this illness in the 
past days, I have to determine to study medical micro-biology for 
checking pathogens. I have read a lot of books on it and have bought a 
microscope by myself. I have received Master degree in Electrical 
Engineering and published more than 10 papers. A few months ago, I 
received the offer of research studentship for  studying Ph.D. from the 
Dept. of  Electrical Engineering, The Hong Polytechnic University. But 
because of the illness of my family, I have to abandon this opportunity. 
For defeating this unknown  micro-organism, I DO determine to abandon my 
original speciality (electrical engineering) and contribute myself to the 
medical research. Because I have no ability to purchase all research 
equipment and need the advice from the microbiologists, pathologists, I 
wish I can enter medical university as a medical student.

This is exactly our last hope about the illness of our family. I deeply 

(1) You can help us to check out the pathogen in laboratory. I am ready 
to ship lab samples to you by World-wide Express Mail Service or come to 
your country if necessary.

(2) Medical universities can award me studentship on the study of medical 

(3) If anyone has heard of patients with similar symptoms -- or have any 
ideas as to what this illness could be, please contact me.

(4) If you find you cannot help our family directly, please help us to 
distribute my letter to microbiologists, pathologists and medical 
university all over the world. Your kind help is really appreciated.
Thank you very much. 

Li Hong-liu
5, May, 1996

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