don't read this if the last posted message is called "RecA"

ChuCDJK chucdjk at
Wed May 8 18:21:25 EST 1996

I'm not sure whether the last message I posted went through, so here it is
again just in case.  If you're having to read this for the second time
already, my apologies.

Does anyone know how the RecA gene (or is it a gene product?) works?.  As
far as I know, it is induced by DNA damage and degrades the lambda phage
cI gene, lifting the repression of the lytic cycle.  How does DNA damage
induce the RecA gene, specifically, and furthermore, how does the RecA
gene product degrade the cI gene?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Chenghuan Chu
Mountain View High School, Mtn. View, CA

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