Post Doc - Viral Pathogenesis - Human Retroviruses

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Mon May 13 15:32:56 EST 1996

Vacancy for a Postdoctoral Scientist
Three-Year Post

A position is available immediately for a three-year post of
Postdoctoral Scientist in the Department of Medical Microbiology, 
University College Dublin. 

The successful candidate should have a keen interest in viral 
pathogenesis, in particular involving human retroviruses. 
Experience in techniques of mocelar biology, tissue culture, 
transfection of mammaliam cells, and signal transduction is 

Please forward three copies of your curriculum vitae (plus any other 
relevant details) by Thursday, 6 June 1996 to 

Professor W.W. Hall, 
Department of Medical Microbiology, 
University College Dublin, 
Dublin 4, 

Telephone: 	353 1 7061350 
Fax: 		353 1 2697611
email: 		whall at

UCD is an equal opportunities employer.

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