feline lymphosarcoma

Tue May 14 02:07:34 EST 1996

          Richard Harper wrote:

          >I am a (herpes) virologist, and recently had a Siamese cat
          >die of a rapid onset disease that may be related.  The
          >first sign was a copious clear exudate from the anus,
          >followed by oedema and necrosis of the rear half of the
          >body, most notably in the legs.  Tests show abnormal liver
          >function although pancreatic function continued.  Tests for
          >FeLV were negative.  One week after onset, the cat was
          >euthanised.  PM showed one ulcer in the large intestine.
          >He was barely one year old, and had been very healthy
          >before onset.  I had wondered that some of the symptoms
          >seemed similar to those reported for equine arteritis.  Any

          Oedema of the limbs is a characteristic finding in horses
          clinically affected by equine viral arteritis and is due to
          damage to blood vessel walls by the virus. Other clinical
          signs include fever, inflammation of and discharge from the
          eyes and nose, as well as coughing and difficulty breathing
          due to pulmonary oedema. There may be diarrhoea related to
          enteritis, along with jaundice. Abortion may occur in
          pregnant mares.

          Therefore, it could be said that there are some similarities
          in the clinical signs described in your cat to those in
          horses with equine viral arteritis, an arthropod-borne
          togavirus. However, equine arteritis virus only affects
          horses and therefore would not be considered a candidate for
          conditions affecting cats. Since you have had tests for
          liver and pancreatic function, as well as FeLV, done, I
          presume that you sought veterinary attention. What was the
          veterinarian's opinion as to the likely cause? If you are
          suspecting vascular damage by a virus, then histological
          examination of tissues from the cat should reveal arteritis.
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