"Inventing the Aids Virus" Duesberg

Lance lancerei at texas.net
Fri May 17 18:29:08 EST 1996

Rich Gillard wrote:
> I've recently started the book "Inventing the Aids Virus", I would like
> to begin a newsgroup discussion on the points made in this book.  I have
> found Prof. Duesberg's ideas very thought provoking and would greatly
> appreciate the opinions and thoughts of viral experts or interested
> parties who are or have read this book.  I am a graduate student working
> on my masters degree and have chosen this "topic" to be a part of a
> presentation at the completion of my studies.  I would appreciate any
> comments, positive or negative re: Prof. Duesbergs writings.  Thank you
> in advance for your thoughts.  I am looking for other thought provoking
> ideas about HIV and it's role in causing AIDS.  Thank-you.
>Hello Rich!

Was just browsing the bionet.virology newsgroup and saw your very 
interesting comments about the subject of AIDS.  It appears that Dr. 
Duesberg's information is closely related with Dr. Robert B. Strecker, 
M.D., Ph.D. of California's findings.

Have you read or are you familiar with THE STRECKER MEMORANDUM?  It is 
most interesting and there is a video out that explains in chilling 
detail about AIDS being a man-made disease, that it is not to be 
classified as V.D., etc.  If you are interested in learning more about 
this, the address given on these reports that were left at health and 
book stores locally some time back is:

1216 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California  90017

(213) 977-1210
(213) 977-0901

Outside California:  (800) 548-3198

Hope this helps!
Take care and good luck with your project!

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