Borna Virus

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Thanks for the responses to my question on Borna Virus.

For Len Moaven, the reference for the finding in humans is:
Kishi M, et al. "Prevalence of Borna disease virus RNA in peripheral
blood mononuclear cells from blood donors." in Med Microbiol Immunol
(Berl) 1995 Oct; 184(3):135-8.

The companion references for horses is:

Nakamura Y, Kishi M, et al. "Demonstration of Borna disease virus RNA
in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from healthy horses in Japan."
Vaccine 1995 Aug;13(12):1076-9.

Kao M, et al. "Detection of antibodies against Borna disease virus in
sera and cerebrospinal fluid of horses in the USA." Vet Rec 1993,
Mar 6;132(10):241-4.

   Interestingly in this article, although finding the sera and
   cerebral spinal fluid positive for antibodies, when they did
   PCR testing of brain samples, viral genome was not found.

The ostrich reference is:

Weisman Y, et al., "Borna disease virus antibodies among workers
exposed to infected ostriches (Letter). Lancet 1994 Oct 29;

Regarding Dr. Peter Charles comments: Yes, the Borna Virus, which has
an affinity for the limbic system in animals, is being researched as
connected to mental illness. Findings in Germany are quite high for
bipolar and/or major depressive disorders. There are a couple of
articles out looking for this virus in patients with schizophrenia.
Only recently has there been a statistical finding in such patients
in a report from the University of Maryland. I believe the reference
is a very recent on in the Archives of General Psychiatry. I don't
have it handly at the moment (left it at the office). The affective
disorders issue is being researched at the University of Pennsylvania,
the Koch Institute, Freie Universitat Berlin, and Justus Liebig
Universitat, all in Germany. Additionally, the group in Japan has
published several articles on their findings.

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