Need Help With Science Project

Sam Morales morales at
Sun Feb 16 04:22:02 EST 1997

Hi, I am doing a Science Related Project on HIV/AIDS, T-Cells, and
helper drugs like DDI, IL-2, and AZT.  What my project involves is
taking a theoretical person and figuring, through a FORTRAN 90 program
(that I wrote), how fast that person will die after becoming infected
with HIV, and then again using a helper drug.  However, I am having a
problem finding information about the death rate, growth rate, and
other constants of the T-Cells.  I am also in search of specific
information on the above mentioned drugs like what is the factor of
help for the T-Cells.  This is a very hard subject to research for, as
there are many many sites out on the internet, and it is taking
especially long for me to search through all of them.  Any help or
suggestions that anyone has would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Sam Morales
morales at

P.S. - If you could forward any other types of code, that would also
be helpful.  I am also having trouble finding a good formula on the
immune response, my project advisor and I modified a rabbit and fox
formula to try and simmulate what I am looking for.  However, I don't
think that this formula is an appropriate one for what I am looking

If you would like to see a copy of my current code, don't hesitate to
write me to the above mentioned address.

Thanks Again.

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