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SPY4MD spy4md at aol.com
Sat Aug 8 00:05:06 EST 1998

Approx one week ago I was on a Carnival cruise ship called the "Fantasy".
If anyone of you ever been on one of there ships you would know that they have
four dining rooms and each guest is seated and served a four star dinner at 7
or 8 o'clock each evening.I and two other physicians along with their wives and
my girlfriend,were seated laterally to a postgraduated student of
virology.Sometimes you get seated with people who are not in your party if you
do not have a large party.This postgrad student of virology was seated approx 5
feet from my party and as he and his wife were chatting along with a party they
were seated with one of the members asked him what he does for a living he
responded he was a postgraduate student of virology in New Orleans.The next
question was so you work with virus'es like "Ebola" he giggled and said
no....then proceeded to say the study he is conducting makes "Ebola" look like
a common flu,he also went on to say "Ebola" is not all it is made out to be and
needs much greater of a vector then
what is portrayed in themovies. .He said he knew a gentlemen who was engulf in
a river full of Ebola pathogens and never contracted Ebola.Then he proceeded to
tell about his latest project my eavesdropping got interupted by one of our
waiters and noise from my party,but I did hear him mention the word
"Exodus"......I am not sure if this is actually the virus he is referring
to.When I went to look it up on the internet it only pulled up PC Virus'es and
I know specifically this was not what he was talking about.It caught my
curiosity this virus because Ebola is a Level 4 and he responded the virus he
was studying made Ebola look like a common flu.Im not sure if this is correct
but to my knowledge I only know of Level 5's being fictional created by Authors
and that level 5 viruses the ones that actually exist are artificially created
by virologists in certain countries for the potential use of biological
warfare. I wanted to question this student about this so called virus when I
was there but seeing how he would have involuntary muscle spams q3m
I didnt feel comfortable being anywhere near him,especially after the last
statement I could overhear him say to his party."I'm dealing with a virus who's
physiological aspect is somewhat like "Anthrax" one gram has the potential to 
cause over 100,000 fatalies".Im not sure if Exodus is the virus he is referring
to,hell Im not even sure what he is saying is true,he could just be a guy who
read one to many sci-fi novels.But something about him gave me the since that
he was telling the truth and what looked like to be his wife was present at the
time,unless he is lieing to his wife also,but it didnt seem to be the
case.Anyways I thank all you who have sent me e-mail.And I look forward to your
comments.I am not a virologist my speciality is emergency medicine that is why
I am posting on this board.

Thank you all,

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