I need some advice

Xuanling Shi shixuanling at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 23 13:21:07 EST 1998

Hi, everybody. My name is Xuanling Shi. I'm a graduate student for
doctor's degree at Peking Union Medical College/Chinese Academy of
Medical Sciences. I'm now doing research on protein expression of HCV
E2. But after half a year's work, I didn't get it. After sequencing the
plasmid containing E2 region, the result shows a deletion of "C" in the
middle of this region. So there's a stop codon after the deletion,
causing the protein expressed is only small part of that would be
anticipated. If someone have the plasmid containing the region of HCV
E2, would you please send me some?
Thank you very much.
Xuanling Shi

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