Measels vaccine?

Terry Grissell tgrissel at
Mon Aug 31 16:40:37 EST 1998

PJH wrote in message <35D0D461.161C71E8 at>...
>Is monkey kidney tissue still being
>used to cultivate viruses of this
>sort (MEASLES)?
G'day PJH,
here is a useful web page to look at:
I looked into this issue also as I do research on HIV and have two
preschool-age kids.
The safety controls really are in-depth (I have worked on the influenza
virus vaccine so I can tell you that vaccine testing requirements are very
But remember that every medical procedure carries a risk, and scientists and
the medical profession can only operate using existing knowledge (hence the
proposed polio/HIV problem that may have occurred in the 50's/60's).
Any other questions, feel free to Email me.

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